Mark Frashier Construction

“Peet and I will always recommend Mark to family and friends.  His wide range of abilities is amazing!  Last year when Crystal & Eric had water draining into their lower level we said "call Mark"!  His response was quick and he installed a sump pump.  Then when Bill Robison realized his sea wall was in trouble we again said "call Mark"!  And he and his crew did an excellent job of repairing Bill's sea wall.  I guess the point here is that whenever anyone around the lake is talking about a house problem, we suggest they "call Mark"!!


Upon our recommendation when building our house, Mark installed a very high-tech water heater that wasn't functioning properly.  Mark not only diagnosed the problem but he spent hours on the phone with technicians and determined the defective part that needed replacing.


Our overall experience of having Mark Frashier as our builder was confidence in knowing that we could reach him promptly by cell phone, as we were 800 miles away living in Santa Fe!  He was also very helpful during our trips back to the lake during construction by driving us around the Kansas City area recommending local suppliers of major appliances etc. - we relied on Mark for his integrity and experience and he really came through for us!


Having his dad, Ken Frashier as an architectural consultant was also a definite plus because although we had a very clear idea of the design elements of our house we certainly required some expertise.


One final note which I will reference with the quote "patience is virtue"............we had asked Mark to build a bay window out from the kitchen sink, which he did.  When I saw it framed in I asked him to please re-do it, which he did - no problem.  When I saw that re-do, I asked him again if he would re-do it (I obviously had a specific look in mind).  My memory recalls that it did take 3 re-do's before the final approval.  My point here is that I was completely comfortable with approaching Mark and knowing that he would keep re-doing it until I was satisfied - without ever making me feel like I was being too demanding.


Mark Frashier works hard, thinks things through and always does his very best............and always with a genuine smile :-)


Thank you Mark!”


Peet & Susan Robinson X40